El arroyo


Vizcaíno stream


This stream is a minor course, whose headwaters are not very distant from the palaeontological site and that is an eventual tributary of the very Pando stream that so many people cross near its mouth in the weekends. Despite intense human intervention, it is still the habitat of clams, fish and birds.

The outcrop lies aout 4 km northeast from town of Sauce. Private land must be crossed to reach the place, so we do not encourage unexpected visits. Besides, if we’re not digging, the water covers the site.

To do our work, the course has to be dammed and diverted into a bypass, and the water has to be pumped out.

 In the neighbouring area, the soil lies on the Cretaceous silicified sandstones of the Mercedes Formation. In the low places, Quaternary sediments, like those treated here, tend to pile up.